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We all collect "Internet Video" ... here's some of my personal favourites. Warning! WYSIWYG.

Martyn Ashton - Road Bike Party, The Outtakes
Martyn Ashton - Road Bike Party
Aids Graffiti
Animals of YouTube sing Deck the Halls
Animals of YouTube sing Jingle Bells
Animals Sing 12 Days of Christmas
Are You the Manager
Beer Pong
Bud Lite Pick Up Line
Business Time - Flight of the Conchords
Cat Playing I Spy
Catch Me If You Can - Crazy Horst
Clearance Own Goal
Col. Joe Kittinger - World Record Skydive -Project Excelsior
Eddie Izzard, Death Star Canteen
Embrace Life - Wear a Seatbelt
Excercise Your Cat
Excercise Your Dog
Extreme Mountain Bike Trail in Woods
Ezequiel Calvente Penalty - Spain U19 vs Italy U19 - July 24 2010
German Carpenter
Girl Striptease
Glow condom
Goalkeeper Loses the Ball
Hudson River Plane Landing Animation with Audio
It's A Dad's Life
Kitten in Hamster Ball
Leaving Home
Mieders Alpine Coaster (with no brakes!!)
Milkshake at 100mph
Mrs Brown & The Condom
New Banned Paddy Power Advert -- Chav Tranquilizer
NFL - Pick Me
Nuit Blanche
Office 5S
Oil Drum Rockets
Penalty Own Goal
Rémi Gaillard - Foot 2009
Rémi Gaillard - Foot 2010
Rémi Gaillard - Radar
Réparateur d'antenne à 540m d'altitude
Scottish Voice Operated Lift
Sliding Down A Railing
Stop Motion with Coke Cans
The Black Hole
The Golf Swing Explained
The Muppets- Popcorn
The Women's Tee
Tony vs. Paul
Ultimate Dog Tease
United 300
We are Sailing
Word Riddle
World Air Traffic, 24 hrs in 2 mins
Snake vs Squirrel or Rabbit, Who Wins
Hale & Pace, Marbles
Desert Bike Crash
Naked Basketball
Wishing Well, Classic Benny Hill
Gerrard's Top 10
Climbing in Yosemite
Mercedes Airbag
Basketball Shots
Dice Stacking
Dog & Firework
Quick Change
Lucky Lucky
Nail Gun
Dragster Crash Compilation
Frozen Monkey
AOL Online
Off-Road Disaster
Redneck Surfing
Stunt Cycle
Blind Date
Freakin Brothers
Four Card Trick
Trunk Monkey
Bike Jump
City Jumping
Trunk Monkey 2
Airport Racing
Modified Car
For the Birds
Base Jumping 02
Canntona's Great Goal
Funny Cats
BudLight Rocket Sleigh
Hamlet Photobooth
DUI in Scotland
Bloody Omaha (The Graphics)
A Steep Ski Descent
Google Earth
The Chase
Matrix Ping Pong
Blaupunkt Speakers
The New Rav4
Vomiting Babies
A320 Crosswind Landing
Express Train
Golf in the Woods
Art Motion
Lewsey vs Crouch
Border Goal
Why Men Have Sheds
No Gravity Balloon
Mini Demonstration
Career Builder Monkeys
Ordnance Survey Map
Bad Santa
Slow Motion Bullet
The Real A380 First Flight
Sky Diving
Firework Factory Blows Up
Five-a-Side Goal
Robot Ride
Florida Voting Machine
Ikea, Time to Leave Home
Roof Football
Trailer Pull
Ronaldo Toy
This Land!
Wingsuit Mountain Swoop
BudLight Invisible Fence
BudLight Fat Dog
Dan Osman Speed Climbing
Fast Cups
Loop the Loop
Learn to Speak English
Beware of Pot-Holes
Four Wheel Drive
405 The Movie
Hamlet Ferrari
Dave Allen
More Funny Cats
BudLight Bottle Opener
Small Guy
Top 50 Football Goals
Fedex Caveman
3D Juggling
The Knack
Billy's Balls
Hitler Spurs
Jackass Restaurant Hockey
Ski Jump
Star Trek, To Boldly Use Mind-Altering Substances
Russian Fighter
Cat & Dog Eating Together
The Hunt
200 Pound Breasts
Commandments Trailer Mashup
Freaking Fries
The Good Girl
Great White Shark
Windows Crash
Zidane vs Materazzi
Bangkok Market
Men's Room
German Coastguard
Tetra Vaal
Fart within the Matrix
Jackass Teambuilding
Dan Osman Extreme Climbing
Ice Scraping
Base Jumping 01
Human Slingshot
Crazy Dribble
BudLight Bottles
The Morning After
Piano Bone

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