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057, BOLAC Longest Day, 22-6-96

22nd June 1996, Rob. BOLAC Longest Day, 3 highest mountains in the Lakes in one day, including walking
between them. 34 miles, 11500 ft of ascent! 03:00 start, Hevellyn then Scafell and finally Skiddaw. Finished at
19:40. Ran down Scafell/Corridor Route to catch John Willshaw etc then Alan Caudell/John Peck, but latter beat
us up Aaron Slack, so we lost our chance. Rob and I stopped in tea shop, ran/raced each other to top of Skiddaw,
came 2nd eventually and won t-shirts as the winners (& organisers), Alan & John, disqualified themselves for not
carrying a map!
057-01, BOLAC Longest Day, 22-6-96
057-02, BOLAC Longest Day, 22-6-96
057-03, BOLAC Longest Day, 22-6-96

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