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Carona is a very quiet resort, everything is family run; the hotel, ski lift, ski hire shop & the café. It is friendly, relaxed and, of course, very Italian.
Albergo Ristorante Carona is a gem, warm and welcoming, and the food wonderful!

Carona is in the Lombardia region of Italy and is a small ski resort connected to Foppolo via the Valle Carisole. The ski area is small by Alpine standards, best suited
to intermediate skiers, topping out at 2200m. However, it is particularly quiet which is actually a big plus when learning to ski. There are numerous little restaurants
and hot chocolate stops! Carona itself consists of a single black run, accessed via a chairlift, a number of red runs served by drag-lifts (replaced by a quad chairlift
in late 2011) and a little baby run (its drag-lift was replaced with a covered travelator in early 2011). Foppolo is a larger, busier resort, but the runs are limited
to an exciting upper red and a gentle lower blue (which has jumps etc for the kids), both served by chairlifts. However, there are plans to further develop the resort.

Family Skiing, organised by Julie! Maggie & John joined us, too. Tess was and Katie was ... what an age to learn how to ski! It was a delight to see
the Bambinos all learning together, while the lessons gave time for the parents to relax and enjoy themselves, too.
S15-099, Carona, 16-20 February 2009, Photo Compilation
S15-100, Carona, 16-20 February 2009, Julie's Video

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