Up Mark's jAlbum » Skiing » S21, Carona, Italian Alps, 13-17 February 2012

Family Skiing, thanks again to Julie's hard work! Each year gets easier (for us) and more enjoyable. Excellent conditions until a wild Wednesday wind
swept clear the loose surface snow leaving hard-pack. Glorious blue skies, quiet pistes & a new, fast quad chairlift in Carona. However, that now
means that you either stay on the baby blue or travel to the upper Carona reds! Tess & Katie now ski between Carona & Foppolo.
Skiing with T&K, but especially with Katie this year, was a pleasure. Roll on 2013!
Carona Carisole Quad Chairlift, 2011-12 Ski Season
Carona Web Cam ... Snow ... How Lucky We Were!

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