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01, LAPEC, January 21st 1992
02, LAPEC, January 21st 1992
03, LAPEC, January 21st 1992
Twinsburg CH53K Machines Team, May 2008
TRW sign removed Prying W off
TRW sign removed R falling
Deep Snow in Courtyard
End of time, Empty lobby
End of time, Front of building with trees
Front Entrance September 9, 2005
Front of Twinsburg
July 7, 2004 Mark Huber and Don Hahn installing new vibration stand
Bill, Mark, Bob, and Bill June 27 2007
Core BSG team July 2008
Dante hard at work April 2008
Floyd at the Helicopter Expo Show with Sikorsky S-76D
George Malafarina inspecting armatures March 31 2006
Henry Nowicki and Patrick Lyness January 5 2007
Huber with Sperling working on heating and air conditioning system March 2007
Installing 10 inch air line April 4 2006
Joe F receives Patent award April 5, 2005
Matt Bowey in Twinsburg July 12 2011
Mike Gardiner Presents June 8, 2007
Pam, Ralph and Janice Oct 2007
Tom Katcher examines the SAAB2000 oil pump
Tom Morgan with Brush Millivolt Tester
Tony and Joe glueing insulation
Goodrich Power Systems, Twinsburg, 19-6-12
Henry Nowicki & Todd Travers, 20-6-12
Henry Nowicki, Mark Worthington & Todd Travers, 20-6-12
Jack & Heintz,  Maple Heights, Cleveland
Tinge Bhogal, 21-6-12
Todd Travers, Henry Nowicki, Mark Worthington & Tinge Bhogal, 21-6-12
Tinge Bhogal, 22-6-12

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