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Worthington-Raimondi Family Camping Trips in the UK & Europe!


I've always been keen on cycling, the sort that friends do together, exploring. Indeed, it seems in my memory that I grew up on a bike. I got back into it when I started cycling to work on 27th June 2006. On the 27th May 2008 I was introduced to the Goodrich Tuesday Night Bike Rides by Dean & Malc ... born out of training for the London to Brighton charity ride. From there developed many friendships & more challenging rides around the UK, aided by Tracklogs & GPS.

2020 … the British Cycle Quest! For my ongoing quest, see Mark's BCQs - Google My Maps


Welcome! We have an international family, spread far and wide, from Milton Keynes to Cornwall, from Malta to the USA. These web albums help to bridge all those miles ...

Dad’s 1962-75 Cine Film, taken with a mechanical wind-up clockwork Kodak movie camera!

Dad's Ships: DGW's Life in the Royal Navy! HMS Decoy & HMS Lowestoft Cine Film, The Berwick & Lowestoft Reviews, The Ark Royal to The Fox

Mum’s Photos

A collection of Family Photos

Family Birthdays & Celebrations!

Family UK Holidays

Family USA Holidays


Please browse and share memories of happy times together.

Outdoor days & social gatherings with BOLAC!

Happy Days at RHS, The Royal Hospital School, 1974-81 and then Old Boys


A Maltese heritage & now a Maltese national! A collection of images of Malta: early years, holidays, iconic boats & buses, and some things you only find in Malta!


Comedy images, internet video clips, digitised photos & slides, golf, flora & fauna. If it’s of personal interest to me, you may find it here.

Mark's Bikes …..

1976 Raleigh Scorpio
1989 Scott Boulder
1997 Marin Mount Vision
1998 Raleigh
1999 Marin Mount Vision 2 (eBay, bought 2009)
2005 Brompton L6
2009 Mezzo D10
2012 Montague Paratrooper Pro
2013 Boardman Performance Hybrid Pro
2018 Commencal Meta 5.20
2020 Boardman HYB 8.9E
2020 Stanforth Skyelander

Comedy: My collection and personal favourites! Warning! WYSIWYG.

Golf: Happy Days enjoying the wonderful game of golf!

Internet Video: Here's some of my personal favourites. Warning! WYSIWYG.

Mark's Slides from August 1988, plus Mom's Slides from ~ 1950.

Mark's Odds

Mark's Private jAlbum …


Work in progress …


The Great Outdoors! The Lakes, Wales, Scotland, USA, Europe … to explore unending beauty and diversity.


A personal collection of science & mathematical phenomena, ranging from paper folding through magnetic levitation to homopolar machines.

All are fun to see or play with, and may inspire enquiring minds to delve deeper … relevantsources are attributed … please follow the links & respect the rights of the originators!


I got into skiing rather later than I would have liked, looking back ... I cut my teeth on Bristol Mountain (which is neither near Bristol, UK, nor is it a mountain! It's a compact but varied ski resort in the Finger Lakes Region of Upstate New York, USA) then ventured to The Alps. Thanks to Bill & Rob ... without them I'd still be falling over.

Since 2006 I’ve enjoyed a long-weekend skiing with Matt, Paul & friends, which has since stretched to longer-weekends!

In 2009, we started a family week of skiing in Carona, Italy, organised by Julie 💗


Rotax, English Electric, Lucas, Lucas Varity, TRW, Goodrich, UTC, Safran ... Bradford, Hemel Hempstead, Pitstone, Aurora, Twinsburg ... Events, Visits, Leavers, Curry Club, Cycling!

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