1988 Jul 29 - Aug 12

Mum, Mike, Doris, Dave, Lora, Joanne, Dave, Steve, 14 days, Nana & Nanu's. Flew with uncle Dave. Mum told Nana & Nanu about Mike! Ghajn Tuffieha, Paradise Bay, Mum & Mike's flat coming on, St. Thomas Bay, Golden Bay & paddle boat, "Loadsa money" & "Operation get that dog" with the 2 Daves! Valletta, bus strike so return on Dghajsa. Rinella 100-ton gun. Paradise Bay again with Steve & his mates. Up early to photograph boats, Marsascala, Grand Harbour etc. Tessie's, St. Thomas Bay again, Mellieha Bay. Cruise around Malta, Blue Lagoon, Comino. Neanderthal Daves! Kalkara FC Training, family evenings outside Nana & Nanu's.