079, Scotland, 29 Dec 99 to 3 Jan 00

29 Dec 99 to 3 Jan 00, Martha (still not too well). Inchnadamph Hotel for 2 nights, Ardglas B&B in Lonchinver for 3 nights. Thu: Eas-coul-Aulin waterfall. Walked in from near Quinag, but never saw the fall itself. Snow underfoot, but melting so rivers difficult to cross. Fri: Now low level walks & coastline. Old Man of Stoer. Sat: New Year's Day. Walked in to Sandwood Bay, wind really starting to pick up. The sea was incredibly wild. Sun: Wind storm continued to develop. Coast walk near Reiff, stroll along sandy beach. That night, winds gusting to 80-100 mph hit north west coast, woke me up in the middle of the night. First time I've ever felt scared when actually in a solid brick house!