S26, Carona, Italian Alps, 17-21 Feb 2014

Started with a meal at Pizza Express, Luton in the striking 1920s former Masonic Lodge. Variable conditions; low cloud/visibility, sunshine, rain, snow ...! Quite warm, ~3°C typically. Roads to Foppolo & San Simone close due to avalanche risk. Martha skied by herself, T&K with me (other than lessons). When Katie tired, Tess & I had a few hours exploring; we skied the Carona Cappelletta Black in bad weather, but the lift toilet radiator was a welcome hot bum-heater! Had overnight "soil snow", turning the slopes beige. We 3 skied with Dean in the sun, a highlight. Suffered a big slide on the Foppolo Red & a chastening wipe out on the Foppolo Blue kids' jumps! And those delicious hot chocolates ... how could we say no?