001, London to Brighton Bike Ride, 15-06-08

In support of the British Heart Foundation ...

The Pitstone Peddlers IV team took part in the 2008 British Heart Foundation London to Brighton Bike Ride on Sunday 15th June 2008. The team, consisting of mainly Goodrich employees plus a scattering of friends and relatives, started the day with a 3:45am pick-up at Pitstone for a 6am start at Clapham Common. The weather conditions were perfect, a lovely blue sky but not too hot. The team completed the 54 mile ride, which includes the infamous Ditchling Beacon (a challenge to even the most capable riders) in 4 to 5 hours of riding time. After a re-grouping and well-earned ice-cream stop at the top of the beacon, the team formed a spectacular 26 man and 1 woman formation ride-past in their matching green shirts and blue tinsel wigs, down Brighton's Madeira Drive and across the finishing line, to much cheering and waving from the assembled crowds. Fish & chips on the beach, an ice-cream and a few beers rewarded an enjoyable day!

The 2008 Pitstone Peddlers
From left to right : Martin Frampton, James Thomas, Richard Farmer, Mark Worthington, Malcolm Rawlins, Richard Jeffries, Michael Homer, Mike Butler, Mark Tiana, Mark Wood, Simon Hewitt, Vikki Hewitt, Chris Stovold, Dean Wallace, Steve Bandy, Tony Wright, Steve Harris, Colin Webster, Colin Rance, Chris Collier-Wood, Paul Collela, Ray Mycock, Derek Hiett, Ahmed Razak, Mike Nam. Craig Steger-Lewis took the photo; Tim Harrington and Alex Stallman met us later, by the start line

The team would like to thank everyone who has sponsored individual team members and would also like to extend their combined heart-felt thanks to the following: Goodrich HR for providing transport and trailer hire, Commatech Engineering for providing the smart green polo shirts at very short notice. Craig Stegger-Lewis for back-up vehicle support, photography and being a general point of reference throughout the event. Ahmed Razak for the loan of a second trailer. Last but not least to team organiser Dean Wallace for the great effort he put into organising such a large group with military precision, and ensuring that the whole day ran like clockwork. Well done to all concerned!