Happy Days at RHS, The Royal Hospital School, 1974-81 and then Old Boys

Words from "The Mountain of My Fear" (David Roberts' account of Mt Huntington in Alaska), mirror my own feelings: "We photographed each other and the views, trying even as we took the pictures to impress the sights on our memories more indelibly than the cameras could on the film. If only this moment could last, I thought ... but I knew even then that I would forget, that someday all I should remember would be the memories themselves, rehearsed like an archaic dance; that I should stare at the pictures and try to get back inside them, reaching out for something that had slipped out of my hands and spilled in the darkness of the past".

1977 School Mediterranean Cruise
Old Boys
Old Boys WhatsApp 2021
2021, Remembrance Weekend, Nov
The Dave Danks Collection
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